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    How to stop get disconnected/dropping from teamspeak ?

    Hi so as i said i keep losing connection from ts first it will take a couple of minutes then it with happen rapidly.
    I need to get this fixed. my download and upload are very good. but some people say its my firewall but i dont want to touch that till i know its right. Can someone please help me.

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    There is no universal remedy for connection problems.

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    You can connect to a server, but get disconnected after ~18 seconds/after minutes?
    We call this a timeout and this is a network problem there can be several reasons:
    • Your ping or packet loss to that server is to high.
    • Your firewall or security center does block the traffic to that server. Maybe your settings need to a change here?
    • Your router detects the traffic as spam or as an attack. Please check that there is nothing like this running.
    • You could try to disable such settings for testing or set your LAN Ip to DMZ (Remove DMZ after testing!!!!)
    • Maybe your W-Lan conenction is not that good? Try a Lan cable instead for testing.
    • The servers ping or packet loss is for your connection is to high.
    • The server does have more then 1 IP and the hoster did nothing yet, to bind one of his IP's to his server.

    It can work without the IP binding and it can be random, that a user can connect or get's disconnected after 18 seconds.
    Sometimes a user can connect but is stucked in the lobby and the client does not reac to for any user interaction.

    Please try to connect to our test server first. Please try both links under this text for testing.
    Click to connect to the DNS address or Click to connect to the IP address
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    Disconnecting then reconnecting every 30 seconds

    Hey guys,

    I keep getting disconnection issues to only one server in teamspeak.

    10/10/2014 01:33:57 SCHandler Warning Got command data while disconnected, dropping
    10/10/2014 01:33:57 ClientUI Info Connect status: Disconnected
    10/10/2014 01:33:57 ClientUI Info Connection lost, want autoreconnect = 1
    10/10/2014 01:33:57 Bookmarks Info Disconnect, total time: 51 - 444
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 ClientUI Info Autoreconnecting
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 ClientUI Info Connect to server:
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 ClientUI Info Trying to resolve
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 TSDNS Info SRV DNS resolve unsuccessful for ""
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 TSDNS Info No SRV TSDNS found at ""
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 TSDNS Info DNS resolve successful, ""=
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 ClientUI Info Lookup finished: 9122 0 0
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 ClientUI Info Resolve successful:
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 ClientUI Info Blacklist check ok
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 ClientUI Info Initiating connection:
    10/10/2014 01:33:58 ClientUI Info Connect status: Connecting
    10/10/2014 01:33:59 PktHandler Devel Puzzle solve time: 5
    10/10/2014 01:33:59 ClientUI Info Connect status: Connected
    10/10/2014 01:33:59 ClientUI Info Connect status: Establishing connection
    10/10/2014 01:33:59 ClientUI Info Connect status: Connection established

    Here is the log errors that keep happening.
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    That server seems to be offline right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    That server seems to be offline right now.
    It went through a reboot process. but currently i am on another server and not disconnecting at all. It seems to be the only server that i am having issues with.

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    ok thanks ill try some out :-)

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