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    Incoming Package Loss - No Idea why.

    Hi commnunity,

    my english isn't the best but I'll try my best to describe the problem...

    When I logged onto my teamspeak server and started talking with my friends I noticed that they sound like if the server would lag. But I was the only one (out of us 4) who had this issue. After spending some time googling useless stuff like "teamspeak lag" etc., I finally had the idea to check my package loss. So I looked up the package loss of all clients on the server. My friends had none and I also had 0% "outcoming" (<- probably not the right term) package loss, BUT I had 20 - 30% incoming package loss.

    I did not notice any updates (besides a update for my nvidia grafic card) in the last few days.

    I never had any problems with teamspeak 3 until today and I'd be really happy if someone could help me here because those lags are annoying as hell escpecially since I'm the only one with that problem.

    Some random infos about my system/problem:

    - Using windows 7
    - Using the newest teamspeak 3 version (the problem occured independent from the last update)
    - I didn't notice any windows updates right before the problem occured
    - the server is definitely fine, since noone else has any lags/package loss

    Thanks for your time.

    (And I know that there are similar threads but none of them solved my problem so far)

    EDIT: It is not MY server (a friend owns it).
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