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    May 2015
    Hey guys, right after this post I found a fix, it seems really stupid, but I unplugged my USB bluetooth adapter, mayflash dolphinbar (another bluetooth device), and my xbox one controller. I restarted after unplugging all the no swearing and it works like a charm! hope this helps!

    p.s. never no swearing system restore until you're absolutely sure there's nothing else you can do
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    I'm having the same problem, the DolphinBar in mode 4 (Dolphin mode) results in a TS3 crash on launch. Turning off hotkeys fixes this, but breaks my previous setup, which involved PTT on a 360 controller.

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    November 2015

    Quick heads up to anyone finding this thread.. this fix also worked a charm for trying to connect a PS4 controller using DS4Windows,
    Thanks very much dante!

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