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    privilage keys invisible for lower members

    I have come across something in the privilage keys system that doesnt quite make sense to me.

    I read this here, and especially the example under step 4 is exactly what i would like to do:

    To make sure what i would like:

    we have a regulare group on our server. Admins are the only ones that can promote someone to the regular group. Wich means that if someone loses their rights because of a reinstall or something like that, they always need an administrator to get assigned to the regular group again.

    So what i would like to do, is keep a list of privilage keys on the server, wich other regular members can view, and give to a new member they already know and trust. In this way, the dont need an admin there, and the number of promotions will depend on the number of keys available.

    However, when granting this regular group the right to view the privilege keys, the list remains empty for them, even though the admins have created keys there for the regular group. They are able to open the list, but it is empty.

    After some digging around, it turns out that the only way they are able to see the keys created, is when the

    i_group_member_add_power exceeds the i_group_needed_member_add_power

    otherwise , they cannot see the keys created for this purpose.

    However this also means, that if i set those settings, they will be able to add members via the right click menu anyway, and dont need a key at all, and also are able to do this every time, bypassing the keys entirely.

    So how do i achieve what i want, or is this not possible? (or did i find a small bug here?)

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    well you got 2 options to chose.

    first make another ServerGroup with the ability to create either tokens or the Power to give new (or old member who reinstalled their systems) to get the default group.

    well a powered up "default" group with that right would be easier to accomplish

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    Priv. Keys can only be seen if you can grant those groups.
    Any groups higher than your "i_group_member_add_power" power are not shown to prevent abuse.

    What you want is not possible in that way, but you can use the Framework i. e., so that users who register on your site/forum are displayed a generated key they can use.

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    Yeah, i understand. I guess i'll use the forum to do it.

    But doesnt this also make the permissions list superfluous? I mean, anyone able to actually see the keys needed, can automatically also grant the rights. So why would we need the key list then?

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    If members were to be able to see keys, for groups they cannot grant, then they would be able to use them to gain acccess to higher level groups (ie. a members would be able to see admin keys and use them to grant themselves admin).

    The list is for managing the keys, check which ones have been used, if the person you send one too already used it, stuff like that. Not to mention that you can delete them this way.
    When you want people to have permissions but you cannot be around at the time they can, keys are perfect. They're also helpful if your server is locked down in a way that people cannot connect to the server without one.
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