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    [BUG] iOS Client Crashing, Message Bug, Group Icon + Name not showing

    Hello Teamspeak Staff,

    in the iOS Client i have 2 "Bugs" when i join the server and on the Public Chatt i immediately go to the next line by typing "Return" like on the Screenshot

    Attachment 11430

    than Team Speak 3 Crashes immediately.

    when someone is writing to me, and than a other person too than i see both chat(s) but i only can Reply to the First person that chatted to me, like ont the Screenshot:

    here you can see that my 2 users are on the Ts3 Server. [CLICK]
    and here you can see that i wrote from both Clients. [CLICK]

    and the third thing is that when someone has "Admin Server Query" Group, than you do not see the Group Icon and name, you see the group is name as "null".

    i hope you will fix these things .


    Device: iPhone 5C iOS 8.2

    but when i had it on iOS 7. ... the bug was also there.
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    I could not reporduce the crash on a big public server and a small privat one.
    The chatline just creates a new line after hitting (or spamming) the return button.

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    Should i upload my client dat or what ever it is called? So that you can reproduce it?
    Will it ever be fixed? Or with an "Update" that will come in future?

    These bugs are really anoing .. Please tell me when, because it's not possible to sit normal on my ts3 server.

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