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    Server running with high packetloss

    Hi everyone,

    Some days ago i rented an OVH vps server, its a 2vcores and 2 gb ram machine with 100mb inet connection wich should be more than enough for a teamspeak 3 server.

    I used a copy of and older (and working fine in another dedicated server) teamspeak server and at start it seemed to work fine, but as soon as we get more than +-50 users online the server have packetloss spikes reaching more than 5% packetloss average.

    The vps has no firewall, and its a clean installation, i tried to download the newest Teamspeak 3 version from the web and run it and it had the same problems.

    The server is using Debian 7 (Wheezy) (64 bits) and i dont know if i need to install anything else.

    In the dedicated server status only 10% are being used at max by the teamspeak server.

    When we have the packetloss spikes we run some "pings" and "tracerts" to the server an it have only 20ms latency but in the teamspeak server windows we get numbers like 120ms +- 60 and stuff like that.

    Any help will be apreciated, cheers.

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    OVH is known to misbehave greatly on the link in between your container and the outside network.
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