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    Wink Error Online since


    I connect and show just 57 minutes

    How do you fix for this from 0?

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    Your or the server's clock is incorrect. If yours is correct, tell your hoster to fix his clock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ignaciobaash View Post
    I connect and show just 57 minutes
    How do you fix for this from 0?
    More in this thread:

    And this other one (that points to the same):

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    "Online since" tag ALWAYS starts at 5 hours

    Every time I log into my TeamSpeak gaming server, I check my friends' "online since" tag to see how long they've played. For some reason it always starts from 5 hours onward. I check their "Client Connection Info" and see their "Connection time" and it's correct. I can provide you with pictures.

    NOTE: This is not really a critical problem, it's just a low-priority bug for me.

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    That's no bug. Thread merged.

    The hoster must fix the server clock. It's running wrong.
    See the post above yours.
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