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    groups can add themselves to server admin

    hallo, i have a problem with my teamspeak right now.
    a friend of mine (a user of my teamspeak) informed me that it is possible for server groups to add themselves to server admin. I have searched for some conclusions but i cant find any (mostly because i dont know what to search for).
    so im asking here for help. i dont know if there are similary posts like this but if, im sorry for another one.

    some more informations:

    when i add a new server group and adjusted the normal permissions for member group and stuff. it is still possible for this group to add itself to server admin.

    how can i change the adjustments so that they cant add themselves to other server groups?

    im sorry that english is not my native language but i hope it is possible to understand what im asking for.(if not tell me and i try again)

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    Settings, Options, Applications, tick the Advanced Permission System.
    Then go on Permissions, Server Groups. Select the Server Admin group and type i_group_needed_member_
    You should see two permissions now - Needed Group Member Add Power & Needed Group Member Remove Power. Both should have a rather high value - like 75.
    Now select the other server groups and check their Group Member Add Power & Group Member Remove Power. Those need to be strictly lower than the Needed values of the Server Admin group.

    If somebody is able to add people to the Server Admin group, simply right click on him, Permissions, Permission Overview. In there you can check those powers to see where he is getting his high powers from.

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