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    Ok.. It work if i start my Client as Admin.

    No Icons, but anyway the Text..

    BTW: <16:58:20> "*•●) ʂოօƙἶղ' ʂհმɾƙ (●•*": [*•●) ʂოօƙἶղ' ʂհმɾƙ (●•*] has to play (5v5): ******Top****** as Lulu
    Rly? xD

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    Do a right-click into the chat and then enable "Show Emoticons" to see icons in chat.

    You should mention that in your readme

    I'd like to add -> 11 icons are missng in your icon pack
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    Thx for the info. I will look into that asap. My available time atm isnt that much.

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