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    Text to Speech on sound on Linux client

    Hey I ceck out yesterday the sound-pack Default Text to Speech for 3.0.8 (7/16/12 2:56 AM) on Linux and even after a restart of the client i didn't play any sounds. Is that due to the reason that TS3 Client uses the default TTS from Windows? Do i need to download a 3ed Party TTS Progamm or are my Settings wrong?

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    TSS on linux is not supported with our linux clients.
    This is no bug <thread moved
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    Default Text to Speech not working?

    I got my Default Text to Speech setup so I could hear user's names on TS3, but there's no sound at all. And I saw that there is some form of error on the bottom of the screen with: "Warning Failed to play test sound". How can I fix this? I also am not very knowledgeable at using a Linux. I'm currently using a Linux Mint.
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    I don't think there's a TTS engine for TS on Linux.

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