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    Solved How to update the server ?

    I have only had a teamspeak server for the last few months and never had to update. Can anyone explain to me how to update my TS3 server?

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    This question has been answered many time on this forum. You can use the search function or read the documentation.

    Quote Originally Posted by server_update.txt
    (2) How do I upgrade the TeamSpeak 3 Server?

    Actually, updating a server is very easy. Just download the latest TeamSpeak 3 Server release from
    our downloads page and overwrite all existing files in your servers installation folder with the
    new versions from the download package.

    Example for Windows 32-Bit:

    a) Navigate your webbrowser to
    b) Unzip the download package "teamspeak3-server_win32-<VERSION>.zip" to a directory of your
    c) Shutdown your running TeamSpeak 3 Server instance
    d) Select and copy all files from the newly generated directory "teamspeak3-server_win32" into
    your existing server installation directory
    e) Start your TeamSpeak 3 Server instance
    f) Use the TeamSpeak 3 Client to connect to a virtual server running in your TeamSpeak 3 Server
    instance and click the server name to verify that your server has been updated successfully

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    Thanks. I knew you would say that. Used it and still didn't see it. Guess I'm blind!

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    How can I tell a person to update his TS server.

    I want to tell someone to update his TS server, cuz I don't have the access to do this,
    does he need the new document of the server?...

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    As a server admin, if he is effective, he knows when he needs an update and probably will get around to it when he has time or wants to do so.

    If he is on an older version, and you can still connect and communicate, it should not matter.

    If he needs assistance with an update, the forums are filled with information to assist him in this.

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    Well, I don't have really direct contact with him, he's not connecting to the TS, and I have a friend with a premission to the files, how can I tell him to put the right files?...

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    Question Updating Server Software

    If I want to update the server software, can I just get the new version and copy the DB?

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    1 -> Download the new Files.
    2 -> Stop the Server.
    3 -> Make a complete BackUp
    4 -> Overwrite the old Files with the New.
    5 -> Start the Server.

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    Update Your server


    Tryed to find my answer, but didnt find any.. How can I update my ts3 server from my local pc?

    Is it many ways to do it? if it is, please tell me, don't find any ways. And I still wanna have my configs.


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    Upgrade from TS 3.0.1 to>> TS 3.0.3

    Hi guys,

    I am going to upgrade my TS 3 to>> TS 3.0.3 As long as I see, the SQL lite db structure isn't changed (I've compared number of db tables and indexes), so if properly understood, all I need to do is just to install new TS 3.0.3 and replace the database.
    Can you please confirm this?


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    Server update help

    My server is currently outdated by 2 models, I want to update but if I update will I lose all my saved channels and groups and so on. Is there any files that I just need to save and put in from the old server to keep these or what can I do, or am I out of luck.

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    Just copy the new files over the old ones. Your database and settings (if any) will remain intact.

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    Updating Server

    Hello, how can i update server that im hosting on my own without loosing any files? If i download the newest version and switch all the files all my data will be lost, how to prevent it?

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    - Stop Server
    - Download newest
    - extract into current server's directory replacing what is there
    - start the server
    - he happy.

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    Here's what I do -

    Download & unpack new version in temporary directory
    Stop server
    Backup server files to another directory
    Copy new files over old files
    Start server
    Connect with client to make sure it's working

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