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    [API] Mono sound expansion appears to happen AFTER onEditMixedPlaybackVoiceDataEvent

    I do custom surround sound mixing in my plugin and the volume levels are radically different when the plugin is on and the plugin is off, even though the summed PCM values leaving onEditMixedPlaybackVoiceDataEvent are the same with or without the plugin.

    Are you possibly mistakenly calling the mono to stereo/surround expansion volume adjustments after this event? If so it should be called before the event or allow the plugin to disable this expansion code as it can drastically reduce (exponentially) the already expanded audio's volume.

    If this is the case and you do fix it, I would highly suggest incrementing the plugin API number as well, as this could affect other plugins that might have compensated for it (like mine, I just scale the volume up before it leaves by the amount you scale it back down right after).

    Actually, I might be misreading this, there is no scaling on TS it seems. Mono expansion is a 1 to 1 copy of the mono source to each channel? Is this the case? If so then the bug I am seeking lays elsewhere (and I can't reproduce it so far).

    Yep, looks like I was chasing my tail on this one and it is a hardware/specific setup bug that I can not replicate (it only appears to affect about 20% of the userbase). Unknown if it is TS related or not on the hardware end. You can be sure I'll be back if it looks like it is. :@

    We are testing an alternate VON system with ACRE at the moment too, so if we can't replicate the bug on that it'll narrow it down too.
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    So this issue is still present. Is there anything TS does to the audio stream AFTER leaving the final sound plugin event?

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