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    Failure to save increased security level under particular circumstance

    I think I found what may have caused my linux server (VPS) to fail to actually register the fact that I am increasing the security rating. This happened before so when I saw my level go up I exported to a file and imported again to verify the ID was at the correctly increased level. Well about a week have gone by and the security rating improvement screen says it went up a number, but neither copy of my ID in the list have that security level. So I think there is a bug there relating to duplicate Unique ID's on the linux client while trying to increase the rating of one.

    Worth looking into because this has essentially wasted a week's worth of security improvements, which I feel myself and my friends must do to create a high enough security level that trolls and such will not actually have so that when I need to raise the level any legitimate person with a high enough rating can get in. I remember setting 35 on a server did nothing to prevent trolls since they can easily make 35 level ID's in a day or two and thus have several on hand. So the higher required, the better you are. This bug is hampering that improvement process though. I have not seen this happen on windows, although I cannot leave my actual computer improving security ratings because I need the CPU time for actual user-based activities.
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    Please give us an how to, because there is nothing i see here what we could retest from your story.
    We miss the part of the "bug" where i think there is none.

    Let me state myself with a thing i toled screech before "do not waste energy with such exaggerated action".
    and what i toled you before
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    Nobody needs a security level that high!
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    It is hard to track down. It has happened multiple times during increasing security level. Most of the time it registers but on rare occasions the improvement screen may say 34 but the identities window says 29, for example. Then when I stop the improvement to export it, it is still on 29 and it never actually saved to the settings file or what ever that it actually reached 34.

    As for nobody needing a security level that high, it is well known that trolls create "high" security level ID's and share them with each other. I documented this last year and not long after that "things" were improved by the developer. Now I did call for another improvement but you said this would not happen and to use the security rating. So if no other "improvements" will be done, I have no other choice but to use a very very high security rating so that people still can get in, if they work hard enough but it should keep 97% of trolls out since it is unlikely that they will have one which is high enough to join one particular server.

    But, getting back to this weird issue. The closest I have come to figuring it out was due to me adding a duplicate of the ID with a different name. But it appears to be a random thing. It has happened both on my linux VPS server and also on my home PC. Very rare does it ever happen on my home windows PC but it seems to happen all the time on my linux VPS. This is the third time of trying to raise my security level.

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