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    tag [img] doesn't refresh in description after...


    There is an issue with description [ img ] tags and with their refreshing. When description has [ img ] content and it is set with a non-existing physicaly file on the server (let say the location of img tag inside description is: "[ img ][ /img ]" and isn't uploaded there yet), then it won't be displayed anymore for users which already check the contect of the channel's description, even when the file will be uploaded proper later on to the corresponded link of [ img ] tag.

    I found out that there is a cached img files downloaded from the specified server to the client local drive.
    Example (on winxp):
    "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\TS3Client\cache\remote\\pub\ts3\icons\shield\grey\image .png"

    If the file doesn't exist in the followed server then it will save the image file to local drive but it won't have any content (0 bytes file). It will persist in that way till user will manually delete the 0 bytes file from that local drive location, example:
    "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\TS3Client\cache\remote\\pub\ts3\icons\shield\grey\image .png"
    , and let it download again by clicking on the channel to preview description again. Then the cache of specified server will be refreshed (downloaded to local drive again) and all content will be visible proper, at least till someone change the content of [ img ] tags again...

    Proposed solution:
    - There should be refresh button (icon?) inside the description window to refresh the content of it on click.
    - Each time user click on the channel, description refresh itself automatically (at least url's content for img).

    Proposed solution #2:
    - If the date of the cached file is older than date of the last edition of the channel description then refresh.
    - compare the CRC32 of the img/file if match or not and autoupdate.
    * or elegantly combined selected solution together?

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    This is a known behavior with the cache system.

    We do not see this as a bug.
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