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    Question Permission to overwrite Server Groups?

    Can anyone help me?
    I am searching for the Permission but i dont know the name....

    The Permission should do the following: If a user has group: A,B,C and is getting added to Group "D", Group A,B,C should be removed automatically does a permission for that exist?

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    no thats impossible

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    not really impossible But not with the permissions system

    1st way:
    if the A,B,C groups are temporary groups and D is permanent the D it will work (just like the default guest and normal groups)
    but temporary groups means thy don't stick when the client reconnects only the default group will...

    2nd way:
    BOT you can build a bot that deals with these groups something like server groups protection but with more if statements :P

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    There is no efficient way to do this with a bot. You need a high polling frequency for clientlist.

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    true if you want full auto system

    you can make it efficient if you add the groups via the bot like a command or sth so the bot will only pull the client in subject and do its job for 1 time/call only

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