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    How do I set up: Hearing some groups, but not others?

    So I'm setting up a tournament for my Internet group for Smite, and I need help setting up muting and listening permissions.Ideally I want teams to be able to hear their team mates only. Not only that, but spectators to be able to listen to both teams and other spectators.

    The solution I'm looking for is ideally something that an admin can do, and not something where each client is setting up for 15 mins, creating whisper list or muting everyone. Something like setting people into channel groups, where those are the teams. Another way that might be possible is to be able to listen to subchannels (for the teams), from a main channel (where spectators could be).

    I've looked around and the solutions I've seen involve creating whisper lists and using the -notsingleinstance command. I haven't used TS3 a whole lot, and when I did, I didn't have admin powers as I do now.

    Let me know what you think! Cheers!

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    This is not possible.
    You can only restrict, that groups can not talk.

    You may think about using different channels instead different groups. But there is no real soloution for spectators if they are able to join each room.
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