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    [SoundPack] Smart TTS by ToFran

    Hey guys,
    I know there are a lot of minimized Text To Speech Sound Packs out there, but this is my version

    I'm announcing:

    Smart TTS (recommended)
    This sound pack provides a better TTS experience to users, based on the Default Sound Pack (Female) and Default Text To Speech by TeamSpeak
    Overall an clean an enjoyable Text To Speech!

    • As the name says its an smart TTS soundpack, because it uses the default female sounds if the sound does not involve variables (client/channel... names);
      Ex: If you mute your microphone it will output "Microphone Muted" voice from the default female soundpack (note 2)
      If someone joins your channel it will output "<USER> joined your channel" with TTS as expected
    • All unnecessary TTS sounds have been removed;
    • Simplified sentences to make them shorter;

    v1.1 - 2.51KB - Smart_TTS.ts3_soundpack

    Smart TTS Extended (NOT recommended)
    Its basicly Smart TTS but with more sounds, for owners, admins and mods.
    It adds sounds that aren't directly connected with your client/channel for example:
    • <Client> created an channel
    • <USER> was banned by <USER>
    • <USER> joined the server
    • .... and more

    v1.0 - 2.66KB - Smart_TTS_extended.ts3_soundpack

    How To:

    To Install the soundpack, just run the file, then click install.
    (You may be asked to give admin privileges depending on your installation path)
    Then restart your TeamSpeak client.

    To make it server specific (recommended) go to bookmarks>manage bookmarks, select the server you wish to edit the sound pack then (in the more pane) select "Smart TTS" as the soundpack.

    To use it for all servers (set it as the default) go to settings>options>notifications then select "Smart TTS" from the drop down menu and then click the check button.

    To use it occasionally go to Self>Sound Pack>Smart TTS

    1. To ensure the best experience channel and clients should have pre-defined phonetic names;
    2. No sound files are included in this sound pack, it uses the "Default Sound Pack (Female)" and "Default Text To Speech" by TeamSpeak Systems GmbH (so you need to have them, included by default with the teamspeak installer);
    3. You are free to use and modify my files, BUT you need to credit me (ToFran) and TeamSpeak Systems GmbH, you should also include the link to this thread;
    4. If you want to send the sound pack to someone send this page ;
    5. So you may be wondering why is the Smart TTS version 1.1 , because I've made this sound pack a long time ago (8 months) and I have changed stuff since then;
    6. Files are hosted on my website, I have in mind publishing on when it becomes available;
    7. Suggestions and feedback are welcome (both positive and negative).
    Last edited by ToFran; September 5th, 2015 at 05:25 PM. Reason: Stupid sentence error pointed by friend.

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    how to edit?

    You say your happy for us to edit I want to know how can I do so I am trying to change only one sound my incoming whisper notify sound to a radio bleep for the airwave radios as part of my roleplay community server how can I access the files inside your pack to edit this please?
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