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Thread: UTF8 confusion

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    UTF8 confusion


    I am having trouble with my TS3 server. Running on linux, latest version.

    I am using mySQL database and all tables have UTF-8 encoding.

    Now, if I change the description of a channel to "Büro der Keshik", everything looks perfect. Until I restart my server. Then, the "Büro..." turns to "Büro der Keshik". It seems that TS3 does mix UTF-8 chars for whatever reason. It does not happen with all german umlauts though. I am completly puzzled and I am really tired of editing all my channel names and descriptions after every server reboot.

    Any hints?

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    You are doing somthing seriously wrong... I'm hosting a teamspeak server for over five years and in all that time the server was rebooted about ten times... in nearly all cases because a new server version or bugfix was released... So why do you restart your server that often that it tires you.

    On the other hand if you are running latest server version.. you might have noticed that MySQL is no longer supported and that MariaDB is the new db engine of choice.

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    Well, the server that runs TS3 is also running other stuff and a reboot is necessary once in a while. While MariaDB might be the DB of choice, mySQL still works, no? [...]
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    Just red and found out about MariaDB. I was not using the latest version then.
    I would downgrade to sqlite... any howto's on this?

    I am using:
    3.0.11 (29.09.2014 17:33:46) now


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    Did not find an easy way to migrate to sqlite (scripts did not work, tools had to be paid for), I now switched to MariaDB method (while keeping mySQL database for now).

    Seems to have solved the issue, hopefully.
    Now, lets hope mySQL runs for a while longer as I am not really keen on installing a parallel db on the server...

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