I found a mistake in the procedure of acquiring NPL. Let's say someone sent a request for licenses. Your team verifies inquiry by:
Open site through Google Translator. Google Translator using HTTPS at start. Even if you change HTTPS to HTTP (in Google Translator address) then you cant use HTML input's so if someone give you details about temporary user for login then your team can't perform to authorization. It's related with mixed content request in your browser (I guess Chrome, meaningless). You can check it by browser console (Ctrl + Shift + K -> Firefox or Ctrl + Shift + J -> Chrome)
Chrome console:
[blocked]The page at 'https://translate.google.pl/*GOOGLE_TRANSLATE_DATA*' was loaded over HTTPS, but ran insecure content from '*OUR_URL*': this content should also be loaded over HTTPS.
Firefox console:
Blocked loading mixed active content "*OUR_URL*"
In other words: your team trying login by provided data but login form don't works. Simply as that. The result of this "game" is NPL denied because your team can't confirm demonstrate community activity.

So the main point is:
You have to stop use Google Translator if some gives you data for login. You have to use directly provided address instead of trying login by putting login and password and enter the button because it causes mixed content! Then if you obtain access to website by login then you have to use copy content and paste it to Google Translator manually! Like this you can verify the content (whether it is regular or it is fake).

Second think is also simply:
Your 255 max characters limit for description in textarea (http://npl.teamspeakusa.com/ts3npl.php) is too small. 1024 would be adequate.

Third case is also simply:
After your team refuse the NPL request then sending mail with standard template:
* There are issues with the website you provided. There may be a problem with one or more of the items listed below:
- You must provide a URL to an online, working website for your organization.
- The website must have content and demonstrate community activity. Creating a website for the sole purpose of acquiring an NPL is not permitted.
- 'Under Construction' websites are not permitted.
- If content on your website requires login to access, provide us with a temporary username and password to review the website.
- Free web or community pages (e.g. yahoo.com, gmx.de, facebook.com, laposte.net, orange.fr, seznam.cz, interia.eu, etc.) are not permitted.
It would be good if your team had a tool that can mark which points have not been met. For example if first point from the list is satisfied then put there + instead of - (dash) everywhere without reason and you have to wonder what happend. So if selected point is satisfied then your team use checkbox (internal control panel) and after checking procedure of your team the mail is sent with this informations.

Such a great company, and commits such simple errors.

Of course there is another solution. Any organization that applies for NPL have to buy SSL certificate in order that your team could visit translated site by Google Translator. Tell me which non-profit organization can afford it? I think that none of them can meet these requirements.