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    Lightbulb TeamSpeak3 + Mimetypes & Client Parameters ?

    Hi there , i am planning to make bash script for install and configure TeamSpeak 3 , the lastest version .

    But i note something .

    The Client under GNU/Linux , need add some things for be more complete

    1 - The MimeType , for Open protocol "ts3server://<url>:<port>"

    For example -> ts3server://

    I solve that .

    2 - Install the TeamSpeak3 Packages for example : Icons , Themes , SoundPacks , using the files with extensions


    i need know , if under "GNU/Linux" the client , need a special parameters for install this packages , when i download , and try open directly with "teamspeak3 client" for the package for ts3 , be installed

    For example

    Icon Pack -> LB Icon Pack

    Style --> Starcraft 2
    Canal Brasil

    etc . . .

    i know just are zip files with diferent extensions , but i dont know if with "rar" extensions works too , or depend of the content of the file ?

    well i wanna make a bash script for fix that things under GNU/Linux.

    Thank you for readme , and sorry for my bad english

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    RAR will not work, as it requires a library to be shipped and this is not the case.

    For the rest, you could simply try.

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    Lightbulb I am making the Script

    Im making the script i have the mayor part of script make it

    But i need a form , of determine the lastest version with a bash

    "function version(){



    lastest version

    and know if the native client of GNU/Linux support the installation of these packages , by extension.

    i know in windows , make the mimetypes , with something like

    Name=TeamSpeak 3 Package Installer
    Exec=start /ProgIDOpen ts3addon %f

    but i know the parameter its for all "ts3addon" and parameter %f , for the "file" , well i not has tested that for now, i first complete the 90% of my script .

    im trying to make the installation more ease and more complete.

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    I found the things i need in the Feedback

    The unique thing i need solve , its the part with the "Liscense" , i first ask Here

    But this kind of question i thing should be in Here

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