Hello everybody,

I have what seems to be a unique issue. I swear up and down there used to be a handy list of clients attached to the permission editor, showing who was in what groups, and it was particularly useful considering our community has rules regarding wearing clan tags (if you're a member) in our servers and those that didn't I would move out of a Member group into another one to restrict their permissions until the matter was resolved. It was also useful because some of the other Server Admins tend to assign users to the wrong groups and it's an easy way to fix things for me.

Issue is, it seems to have disappeared within the last week or so - that I know of, there hasn't seemed to have been an update for TS either server or client, and permissions haven't changed in that time frame to effect it. I've changed groups around and looked everywhere as to what could cause it and really can't find anything - even as Server Admin I have the b_virtualserver_servergroup_list, _permission_list, _client_list and so on so I'm not entirely sure what could be causing it. I have a secondary group assigned that I thought could be restricting it, but even after removing it I haven't noted any changes.

Below is an image that will hopefully clarify what I'm trying to describe - really hoping I haven't been hallucinating or dreaming all of this from my lack of sleep and making myself look like a fool. Also, apologies if this is the wrong section, without knowing if this is a permission, client, or server issue I have no idea where to put this.