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    Permission to add my self to priority speaker.


    I searched this forum for a solution for this topic but it didn't help me -well only a little.

    So far I changed:

    b_client_is_priority_speaker set to GRANT value 50

    I tested with a new identity - added it to the specific server group - but I still can't make my self a priority speaker.

    I followed the instructions on

    EDIT: I had to do make change "Channel permissions": i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power value to a value equal or under the grant value of b_client_is_priority_speaker. Will it make any changes to other permissions for the specific group as long as the value are >51?

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    you need

    b_client_is_priority_speaker _, _, _, "x<0"
    i_client_permission_modify_power Y= "x<0", _, _, Y= "x<0"

    if you think you need
    b_client_is_priority_speaker X, _, _, "x<0"
    that would mean you would be all the time priority speaker
    that "shouldnt" be in you interest

    That should do it.

    "x<0" = (Y= "x<0")

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    Thank you.

    I figured it out. Now the "officer" server group can make them self and others priority speakers. But when I test it with a "guest" identity etc. the "guest" can't turn of priority by them self. An officer or admin have to do it. How come?

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    If you want a client to be able to set priority speaker to a client, he needs a Grant value on b_client_is_priority_speaker (let's say 50). Then he also needs a i_permission_modify_power which is greater than or equal to the grant value (so 50+ in this example).
    Also, when Client A tries to grant or revoke priority speaker from Client B, it is also important that the i_client_permission_modify_power of Client A is greater than or equal to the i_client_needed_permission_modify_power of Client B.

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