So I got a new PC... Spec is:
Processor - Intel Core i5 4690K
Motherboard - Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 5
Memory - 16GB Corsair 2133mhz Vengeance Pro
Graphics card - Nvidia Geforce 760 2GB
Audio - Onboard 7.1 audio
PSU - 750W Corsair CS Modular

I'm using a Tritton AX180 headset on teamspeak and have encountered a peculiar problem; whenever I stop talking for an extended period of time, my headsets sensitivity continues to increase.

My friends claim that they can rapidly hear any background noise get louder and louder and in the absence of background noise a high pitched sound that will get louder. If I start to speak again the sensitivity does not return to normal.

My teamspeak is set to voice activation and I have played with the activation threshold to no avail.

I'll take any help regarding this problem!