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    How do I create 2 servers and connect to them both?!

    I want to host 2 teamspeak servers as well can someone help me, please! I have set up both teamspeak servers, permissions and default channels! I have gone to and make two custom IPs.

    first IP:
    second IP:

    When i start them both up and activate the custom IPs it won't connect please help!!!

    Should I port forward again? but make it so that the ports are different? Will that work with custom IPs? like this:

    Would that work or not? Please help me I need both servers up... friends are paying for servers when I can provide free hosting!

    P.S. When i set up the custom IPs i used the 'Port 80 Redirect' option! Please help me!!!!

    P.S.S. Not even 1 of the IPs will work, even when only 1 server is running!


    ChazTeen Gaming

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    You are violating the license terms. No help for you.

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