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    [Help?] Opus Voice > Opus Music!?

    So, I got a new headset (went from Roccat Kave XTD to Corsair Vengeance 1500) and when I changed the headset my friends only heard me on their left ear. And no one had been joking around with 3D sound settings. This appeared to be because of Opus Music. So now I basically are just annoying for people in Opus Music channels but are fine in Opus Voice channels... Why is this? (This only were the issue with my new Corsair headset and not with my old Roccat headset.)

    Anything I can do to fix this so I can be "normal" in Opus Music channels?


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    Opus Music is stereo. Your headset or soundcard incorrectly report stereo. Ask their manufacturers.

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    I have put up a thread at Corsairs forums aswell now...

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