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Thread: Time in channel

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    Time in channel

    We need a way of telling how long someone has been waiting in a particular channel not just online as we base certain actions on this information. is there anyway to do this or can it be implemented please. there is a large amount of mods wanting this feature.

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    Can be done with serverqueries.

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    As far as i know the only 2 possibilities you have are:

    1. You use the idle time (this is startet, when the user moves to a channel, but is restartet, when the user speaks etc.)

    2. You get the timestamp, when the user moves to the channel from the server log an calculate the time difference (more accurate, but also more complicated)

    best regards TS-Coach

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    thank you both for your replies fspower a little more information is needed than that and are server queries available to moderators or just admins. teamspeakcoach idle time is insufficient as for both the reason stated and that people do chat while waiting and looking through the server log takes too much time for the mods to consider doing this one by one to work out who has been in the channel the longest. also if you drop out and come back in the counter is restarted putting you to the back of the que despite being there longer than other people so a way to produce some type of que to quickly tell who has been waiting the longest would be excellent.

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    Not even doubleposting fixed your problem? Then there must be something wrong!

    Anyway, if you cannot use server query, use client query.
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    Sounds like a job for a plugin/bot.

    Your request is very specific, may I ask what it is for?

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