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    Auto Poker and Mover


    I'm currently working on a plugin for my teamspeak client, which entitles that when ever I get automatically moved because of some arbitrary afk timer, I want the plugin to move my self back, and poke a certain server group.

    I'm coding this in Lua, and I expect to share my result once it's done.

    Currently, I'm able to poke a specific client with their connection id, and everyone the server, so I got that basis covered, but is there anyone who can tell me where I can find the API and documentation for teamspeak so I can figure out how to code the part which pokes everyone in a specific server group once you're moved?
    And maybe a little help, I'm bare bones on Lua compared to other languages.

    I'm currently using the newest version of teamspeak and the lua plugin loader.

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    Well there is requestServerGroupClientList and then there is the CLIENT_SERVERGROUPS client variable, either of which could give you the information you need.
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