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    How may I please create a new user on the TS 3.0.11 server?

    I have attempted to search through the server and unable to "authenticate" the unique key from the client.

    Documentation on this matter is very difficult for a new administrator.

    Guidance on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    I am not sure , what you mean so i have more than 1 answer

    If you talk about user creation on server:
    The only way to create users is to connect with the client with it's uniqueID

    If you talk about the Privilege Key:
    In your Client: Go into Permissions -> Use Privilege Key -> Enter the key

    The key can be entered in 2 ways
    If this does not work, contact your hoster.

    If you talk about client identies:
    In your client: Go into Settings -> Identies -> Press Add (give it a name etc) -> Press OK
    Now go into Bookmarks -> Press More-> Add or change a Bookmark seletec identity.
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