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    Using teamspeak3 connection information in other programs

    Hello, I'm trying to make a plugin for rainmeter that lists some basic info for your teamspeak connection.

    So far i have managed to do all of this with the clientQuery plugin using a telnet connection. But the performance is really bad.

    So now my question would be: Would it have better performance if it directly used a plugin for teamspeak? Or do I need to work on my threading.

    I have been looking at the sdk and edited the test_plugin abit but i don't really have a clue how I can grab the information from teamspeak plugin to rainmeter (also uses c++). I have been googling alot and it has some options but i'm not certain if they will work.

    I'm also pretty sure that Overwolf is using the correct implementation that I am looking for, and they say you have to enable teamspeak control plugin to use Teamspeak in overwolf. (might also not be relevant because its called "control plugin" I don't need control, I need data)

    extra info: Rainmeter made their plugins in a way that it asks for info at set intervals so it can only pull info i guess.

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    You'd be requestConnectionInfo and handling the void ts3plugin_onConnectionInfoEvent with

    (See public definitions ConnectionProperties for getConnectionVariable).
    [Haven't used those myself yet, though. So I might not be entirely correct.]

    The keyword "request" here tells us it's an actual request to the server, not just to the client. This may very well be what you experience as bad performance via telnet (I'm not to judge the telnet performance as I don't use it).
    Note also that since it's a server request, you might run into trouble with spam protection and such if you request too often for a specific server. Dunno if it actually applies to this request, but it's not that unlikely.

    For that stuff to reach your rainmeter plugin, you'd use some IPC mechanism. Given the simplicity of the communication requirement I'd likely use named shared memory and just poll from that and have an independent timer running triggering the requests in the teamspeak plugin. Forwarding a poll from the rainmeter plugin, unless there's *actually* sth. to gain I don't know about, would just add needless complexity in the form of bidirectionality.

    The "control plugin" that replaced the former universal one, how was it called, is, while afaik not explicitly stated so, Overwolf exclusive for the simple reason no documentation whatsoever has ever seen the light of day. Hence, you can savely remove that from your options.

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    Thanks for your detailed reply! Now I know what to do.

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