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    [Request] Welcome Popup Message based on server groups


    I would like to have a server side plugin which sends a custom welcome message in form of a popup to clients when they join my ts3 server, depending on their server group (a popup similar to the MODAL message).

    E.g. Send a popup msg to guests only when they join the server.

    I would like to be able to customize the message per server group, and the option not to show a message at all to certain server groups. I have custom server groups on my server.

    I'm willing to donate 20 through paypal for this plugin.


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    - ON HOLD -

    I now have a coder working on this, therefore I will put this request on hold.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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    You must createa bot for this and i am sure there are already bots around with such a feature.
    you may search first, before wasting money.

    Thread moved / Thread title changed (we are no market!)
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    If I understand you right, my JTS3ServerMod can do this, function name: WelcomeMessage

    Just create one welcome message for each server group.

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    [Request] a plugin/addon to auto popup a splash/welcome message

    Requesting a plugin/addon to auto popup a splash/welcome message and or MotD popup/confirmation
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    [Reguset] plugin for auto mute & unmute mic on time 'xx:xx:xx' .

    hello , i need a plugin for mute/unmute or away/unaway (anti i-d-l-e or a-f-k) my ts client on time 'x' , i trying to make a plugin simple but all test files(test_plugin's) have error . or bin.dll cant open on team speak (error : plugin failed to load : Api version in not complatible 20(minimum:21 , current:22) ...

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