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    Problem to automatically set "Browse Files" permissions in specific sub-channels.


    i would apreciate a little help with "browse permissions" if someone can help.
    On my teamspeak server, i created a specific channel where users are allowed to create their own temporary and semi-permanent sub-channels in it.
    In this channel, i've set "Needed File Browse Power" to 75 so no one can browse in here but i would like to know how to automatically restrict the file browser on each sub-channel created under that specific channel.
    Considering i have a channel dedicated for files transfer too, i can't deny the whole "browse file" use from the channels or servers permissions settings.

    The server looks a bit like this !

    Publics Channels (Main channel and sub-channels are manually set to deny "file browsing" as they all are permanent channels)
    Sub-channel 1
    Sub-channel 2
    Privates Channels (where people are allowed to create their sub-channels. This is where i want to deny the browser access in every sub-channels created. Main channel is manually set to deny file browsing) 
    Semi-permanent or temporary Sub-channel 1
    Semi-permanent or temporary Sub-channel 2
    Spacer called "File Brower" (members are allowed to browse here only)
    Thank you.
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    I'm dumb...Got it.

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