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    Voice Activation Detection

    I recently downloaded teamspeak (within two weeks or so) and I really like it. I was using push-to-talk until i realized that there was a voice activation detection (i have static in my mic sometimes so it's nice to have either of those two) and I started using it. After using it for a day or two, I switched back to push-to-talk for a little while as I was talking to people at my house and didn't want to bug people in my teamspeak server. After changing it back to voice activation detection, it started to work like continuous transmission. My blue circle is always light blue and will never actually detect my voice. I mean it does, but it's always on. I don't want the other people in my teamspeak have to deal with my static so I'm wondering if there is a way to fix this. If not, I guess I can use push-to-talk.

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    This is not a question for server support, but the short answer is - no.
    If your mic(or environment) produce so much static noise, VA just not work, as it always "detect" high volume level.
    Either use VA only with headphones, or only use PTT.

    However, you can try altering the activation level. But again, with open loop between mic and desktop speakers, this may never work well. Depends on your mic.

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