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    Channel groups failing to function

    I have rented server space from typefrag.
    My space is growing and I'm now hosting multiple clans from multiple games.
    I need to assign authority to certain individuals for admin purposes, but have
    that authority be delineated by channel for obvious reasons. I set up a whole
    channel group structure, but during testing my channel group admins could create
    new channel groups, but couldn't make them permanent. Neither could they
    assign an icon to the group. All of the correct settings seem to be enabled, and
    after talking with typefrag tech support they seemed to agree. Their answer was
    that the behavior was what teamspeak intended and that I should give up trying
    to program it this way I know that I'm not reinventing the wheel here.. I
    can't possibly be the only one who needs to use the channel group structure!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    To prevent them from creating a group, remove b_virtualserver_channelgroup_create and b_virtualserver_servergroup_create. To allow them to change icons, they need a Grant value on i_icon_id and a Permission Modify Power which is at least as high as the Grant (do not set this to 75 or above).
    Now you also need to give them Channel Permission Modify Power if they should be able to change a channels' icon or i_group_modify_power to be able to edit certain Channel/Server Groups.

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    thank you, Matthias, but I have all these things set.. it still doesn't work.. is there any other type of live support I can go to other than my provider... type frag sucks

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    I think the permissions of your server are screwed up. You need to request a permission reset (deletes all permissions and groups assignments, recreates default groups and creates a Server Admin token) or have them copy the templates over your server groups (might be some work for them, so they might not do that).

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    After having my provider once again tell me that teamspeak doesn't intend for the channel groups to work I stayed up until 5am, and got it working! well... sort of. my channel admins still can't manage icons. they can kick from channel but not from server. they can't set the join power of a channel they create. users who are assigned channel groups can ignore join powers within the channel group. And I'm getting an idle time kick. I keep going back through the permissions that Mathias highlighted among others, and everything seems o.k. I will get "permission modify power errors" and go back and look at the permission modify power and it seems o.k.
    The server reset seems somewhat drastic because then we lose all of the unique id's of all of our current members and friends which while 500 unique id's is a modest number.. it's still alot of people to be re-added. It does seem to add up though. possibly my server is just bugged

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    Am I right to assume you have each of the clans on your server to have a single parent channel, then run the entire clan down through sub channels? Then allows channel group inheritance through? Thus the reason of using channel groups instead of server group?

    I've always wanted to use channel groups to keep separate groups, well, separate. I'd never thought of using a parent channel for each group of clients until I had started reading your issue.

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