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    [Request] Play Text through TTS?

    Dear all,
    I'm speechless, and many games request players to announce some important skills.
    I'd like to know if there's any magical way to bind a set of texts to specific keys, these text will be played as TTS.
    e.g binding key "A" to "say" "fire field" for example.
    Thank you in advance.
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    There are soundboard plugins. Not sure if they can bind any key, but if they can, you just need someone to speak the skill names.

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    it could be a sort of dearm, making me finally able to talk while i'm physically not able to.
    For the sounds i believe that i can record some texts using the existant TTS engines.
    Anyone knows of "soundboard plugins" is able to bind some keys ?

    thank you so much

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    I used this one for a good while. Had some issues with voice activation setups but I'm assuming that's no concern for you. I think the developer is still updating it.


    On the phone right now so can't be too detailed, let me know if you need help setting up the binds.

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    You don't need a plugin/addon for the TeamsSpeak client itself to do this.

    You can use whatever software you want to for playing sounds or TTS - and make sure its audio output is sent to a virtual cable sound driver - and then use this virtual cable as the capture device in the TeamSpeak client. Configure the TS client for voice activation, and whenever you play a sound/TTS the TS client will transmit this

    Freeware virtual cable

    Sound board that allows changing output device

    Text to speech (for generating wav files)

    I'm sure there are command line text-to-speech solutions out there that will let you specify a output device. This way you can create shortcuts directly in windows that will allow you to send audio directly to your virtual audio cable without the need for intermediate audio files or a sound board program.

    EDIT: I found out how to change the audio output device in Win 7 (this allows you yo use shortcuts directly without a sound board program) ...
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    Text To Speech plugin?

    I use TeamSpeak and would like a plugin where I can type and it will speak the text to others in the channel, is there such a plugin? Thanks

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    Is there any Text to Speach Plugin?

    Hello everyone!

    I was just wondering whether there is something like a text to speach plugin for the Teamspeak 3 Client (which I'm quite sure there is), and if yes, then does anyone have a download link for it?

    I'm talking about a simple text to speach thing where I can join a channel, type something into a textfield and then click "play", so an electronical voice reads out what I wrote into that textfield.

    You'd really help me out if you sent me a link to one!

    See you,
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