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    10-30% Packet Loss, getting desperate

    I'm sorry if I'm supposed to be posting this in the windows specific board as I'm using Windows 8.1, but I'll give this a shot.

    For many months I've had excessive packet loss to the point where no one can understand me along with me having slightly less trouble understanding other users. I have ping that doesn't really go above 50, but I know that ping doesn't really have a connection to packet loss. It's also not a coincidence that I have DSL that would have been considered good for 2001. It just manages to reach speeds of 1 mb/s. However, that's still more than enough for the 10 kb/s (at the usual most) that the server I use takes for each user. When looking at my client connection info, I'm very often seeing that my bandwidth is going at 500 bytes per second, which like I said is no where near my actual internet speed. When compared to other users, their bandwidths are around 5-7 KiB/s which my client connection is never achieving.

    I've used cmd to ping both my ISP and router with no packet loss as expected. I still went ahead and reset my router to factory new and update it's firmware. I've set it's NAT settings to open along with disabling SPI ALG. I the only firewall I have is Windows, so I doubt that is causing problems.

    I'm ready to show any logs that are recommended and give further specifications. I just don't understand why TS3 is using so very little bandwidth when it can use much more. If anyone actually replies to this I thank you greatly.

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    Download WinMTR and get it to traceroute to any Teamspeak server you're getting packet loss issues on, leave it running for a while and it'll show you exactly where the packet loss is occurring (either your own network or external)

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