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    What kind of Server is enough to host a Teamspeak 3 Server

    i'm used to host my own TS 2 / 3 Server using a so called
    "Root Server", like hosteurope
    "Root Dedicated Server" like keyweb.

    Normaly I'm also hosting different Gameservers at the same time. Since I don't need those Gameservers anymore I would like to reduce the hosting costs.

    I searched for different TS only Hosters (meaning no root server but just ONE teamspeak Server) and they are F**** expensive. 50% of the costs for 1% of the performance.

    So I'm looking for an alternative, my question is:

    Can I host a Server using a so called
    "Root Virtual Server" like keyweb
    or a
    "Virtual Server" like hosteurope

    Or are therey any other cheap alternatives?

    Thanks for your help in advance,

    PS: Yes I know, if it would be easy to find a cheap alternative everyone would be doing personal problem is just the fact that I can't accept to pay 15+/month for ONLY a Voiceserver, where I could pay 40/month for a 4 Voiceservers each with 128 slots, a csgo, a tf2, a minecraft and several other game servers...

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    Use search. There is no official support for VPSs. Might work, might not. Both happen.

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