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    Not all Permissions Could be Appied?


    When I try to create a new server group, it gives me an error saying not all permission could be applied. With the other server groups I created before, I had no problem, and I can still edit them now. Is there a fix to this problem?

    I am Server Admin, and when I try to edit a channels join power, it gives me " insufficient permission modify power"
    Before it didn't do this, now it does?



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    You did revoke your own powers with the "easy permission system" ;(

    Please use a backup of your server or add the missing permissions with the ServerQuery.
    Or perform a permreset, to get original permissions.
    Or ask your hoster if you do not have access to the ServerQuery

    All of my answers requiere ,that you use the search feature of this forum. Cause everthing wasanswered before.
    or on Google
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    Thanks, forgot about the Admin Server Query!

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