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    Updating Teamspeak Client on VPS

    (( I am new on this forum so if i post in a wrong section please inform me so i will remember it for next time ))
    Hi, i installed a teamspeak 3 server on my VPS with CentOS 6 x86. I installed by mistake somehow.. Anyways i need to update the client in a newer version. Mind telling me how to do it?

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    For Client:
    - Start the client press on help -> check for updates
    or -Run the update binary
    or - Download and install the latest client

    For Server:
    Download update, stop server, make backup (optional, but recommended), extract update on top of existing install, start server.
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    Simply run the update binary.
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    I missed it was a client, saw VPS and server popped in my mind where the word client was.

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