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    Channel Admins can't move Clients to Channel

    Hi, I set up a teamspeak 3 server and most of the permissions. So far, everything works except one issue. Channel admins can't move guests/members to their channel:

    I set i_client_move_power for the channel admin to 50 (grant: 50). The guest has i_client_needed_move_power set to 25 (grant: 25) and the member has i_client_needed_move_power set to 50 (grant: 50). There are no channel permissions set. What have I done wrong? The error msg is: insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_move_power). Attached are some screen shots of the permission overview:

    Channel Admin
    Attachment 11916

    Attachment 11917

    Attachment 11918

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    This whole thing with Channel Admin will only work, if your Channel Admin also has Channel Admin in the other channel.
    I guess this isn't the case.

    Your Screenshots/Attachments do not exist.
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    Thanks for the reply. Can I somehow add some permissions to the other channel, so that Teamspeak "thinks" that there is another channel admin in the other channel? It would be totally fine if they could only move people from the default channel to their channel. I uploaded the screenshots again, not sure, why they didn't work in the first place.

    Channel Admin:

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    You can just add a needed_move_power of 0 to the default channel, that way they should be able to pull people out of there and it should also enable them to kick from channel (which moves them to the default).
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    Channel Admins


    Recently opened a new server, i have set some Server Admins. We have made separate chat rooms for streamers, how can i make it so the owner of the chat room (streamer) can move other people (viewers/streamers) from the server in to their chat room?

    I have tried setting them as channel admins but no luck.

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    channel admins cannot move users to another channel

    In "permissions", the administrators of my channel groups have permission to move users to another channel. when they try to do so, the get an 'insufficient rights' error. what can be causing this problem and how can we fix this?
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    The i_client_needed_move_power of target user is to high.
    The i_client_move_power must be available and high enough in source and target channel. That is not the case, when they have a channel group in one channel only.
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