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    computer or teamspeak ? issue or both?

    ok so just downloaded ts on to fresh install win 7 64 ult on a sdd all drivers are up to date using a turtle beach px22
    what is happening is this ts opens i get 3 word in and mic cuts off never turns back on hangs then freeze's computer to point that have to hard shut down i tried install via safe mode to no avail as it still happens i try go options capture select head set test mic no mic exit test ts freeze's again to point that not even task manager can close it
    this been going on for week as i have little time to do things with it as last attempt popped a win32 error window i forget the code as seems not to have repeated i only find a issue with ts as ventrillo raid call and other voice chats work with out issue also i do have team viewer so can take peek to see if need be any help is much appreciated

    edit.. im asking as it has not made and crash dumps to my knowlege
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    issue resolved via re install of windows os to hard drive then driver install then teamspeak in safe mode before letting windows update this is redundantly the weirdest fix have ever came across ... if had dump file possibly would have fix it lot sooner by other means any how hope this helps some one else as i got no support for the issue that is now resolved

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