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    [Request] Group auto add/remove in channel

    Hi guys I'm just wondering if it is possible to make channels automatically assign server groups to people inside them?

    so for example if i join -

    Lobby 1 - I get server group A

    but if i join

    Lobby 2 - I get server group B

    Just curious really because would love to implement a system like this on my server.

    All the best

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    This is not possible without a script (bot) doing this for you.

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    Add specific (temporary) channel group to a user upon joining channel "x"..

    Hello there everyone!

    I am not sure if this is the correct category as this is my first post but anyways,
    I am running a small TeamSpeak 3 server on Linux and would like to know how I would add a specific temporary group (for example, Test group) to a user upon joining of a channel called for example "x" and thereafter remove that group from that user when he leaves the channel, so..

    User "User1" joins "Test-channel",
    "User1" gets added to a temporary group called "Test",
    "User1" leaves channel "Test-channel" and loses the temporary group "Test".

    I tried to make this as clear as possible, sorry for any confusions.
    Thanks in advance.

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    By any chance do you know of such a script/bot that does this currently for me please?

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    Two identical suggestions within 3 minutes, which have never been suggested before, by two new users with 0 posts? Captain Obvious and his crew are sailing through the interwebz!

    If you ask me, this makes no sense at all. If everyone in a channel is supposed to have certain permissions, use channel permissions.

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