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    Problem with SRV record, IDN domain


    after I got TSDNS running and working with IDN domains (the ones with umlauts), I tried to setup my SRV records. It seems like the TS client can't resolve the SRV records correctly. I tried with the encoded domain and the record worked, so the SRV record is correct. Are the DNS calls maybe done with the decoded domain?

    Client Version 3.0.16 on Windows.

    Client Log Entry:
    26.01.2015 23:26:11 TSDNS Info SRV DNS resolve unsuccessful for "_ts3._udp.mü****.de"

    Domains without umlauts are working perfectly fine.

    edit: This report is not about the TSDNS delivered with the server, this is working fine with umlauts. It's about SRV records of the domain DNS.
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    There is a known problem with TSDNS and with the client when Umlaute are written in Lower or Uppercase

    I guess it's the same problem. Your Domain or TSDNS server is entered in Uppercase?
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    Make sure TSDNS configuration is in UTF-8. According to YaTQA source code, the client seems to keep the case of non-ASCII characters, so you need to have records for all sort of case mixes.
    IDN SRV doesn't work at all, as described by me in the thread that dante linked.

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    Everything is lowercase. TSDNS is working (the tool delivered with the server), only the SRV records are failing.

    Edit: Is there any scheduled fix for this issue?

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