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    dual server group limitations

    Hey all;

    So I have my teamspeak setup so users have i_group_show_name_in_tree = Before the problem I am having is people are able to have multiple names, is there a way to make it so that people are only allowed into one group at a time?

    super admin
    head admin

    so super admins can be
    [super admin][head admin][admin][members] then their name

    where I would like them to ONLY have
    [super admin] then their name

    and if they decide to demote themselves that's bad luck for them


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    I would say this is not possible.

    You could remove everyones i_group_member_add_power and i_group_member_remove_power, so nobody can add and remove groups.
    But this needs admins who add or and remove groups from now on.
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