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    Privilege key does not give me correct Superadmin permissions

    Hello! I rent a server through gameservers. I reformatted my computer and reinstalled teamspeak. Joined my server. Went to gameservers and created new privilege key and input it in the privileges key part under permissions. It assigned me Admin, but there are other created Server groups with higher permissions. I let two of my friends have the server admin permissions because i'm not familiar with setting up server groups and channel groups and just wanted to pay for a server for friends to hang out and play games. Now I can't even join my own private channel and my friends aren't responding. I'm pretty irritated. Is there a way for me to wipe server permissions and start from scratch? I'm planning on learning how to set up server groups and channel groups and limiting advanced permissions to admin. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    You can't reset anything without access to the ServerQuery or to the databse.

    You need to perform this to reset the permissions on your server

    Or contact your hoster. We did answer this many times.
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    Alternative: Ask your hoster to create you a privilege key for your desired group.
    And dont forget to save/export your identity, in case you lose it again.

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    Thanks got it resolved!

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