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    Charter customers being disconnected from TS3 constantly.

    So over the past few months I have been having issues with Teamspeak randomly disconnecting about every 10-30minutes, it reocnnects after about 1 minute. I attempted Port Forwarding, and made sure my anti-virus and router firewall settings were not preventing anything with teamspeak. I had posted this issue on a forum, as that is who I am renting the service through (I am Server Admin). Based on what I have seen from responses, most of the people having this issue are Charter customers.

    Here is a link to the forum:

    Is there anyone out there that knows how we can fix this issue? Charter denies it being a problem on their end but they are the only common factor in it all. This occurs to no one else on my TS server, but none of them are Charter customers.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviate View Post
    Port Forwarding
    Eh what? Why on earth do you play with port forwarding if having client issues, instead of e.g. reading the stickies?

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    I've noticed your posts in other forums here and all you seem to do is bash someone else's problem in what seems to be an attempt to make them feel stupid, so unless you can provide some useful information, please stop posting.

    I have read the stickies, I have made sure there are no blocks on my router, firewall, security software, etc. I have made sure UDP traffic is unrestricted. This is purely an issue with Charter customers, it is nothing with my own personal settings. I am simply asking if anyone has managed to find away to get beyond this issue with Charter, as the stickies provide no information on this, and Charter is denying the issue. It all started occurring a few months back when Charter did some form of upgrade to their stuff as well. Before that, everything was fine.

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    If Charter is at fault it should be easy enough for everyone to reply to them by closing your wallets to them and getting their service elsewhere.

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