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    Very confused....

    First of all i have no clue what im doing...

    What i want to do is what it thought to be simple but i cant

    I figured out that a group need join power for a room and I changed that, but what i cant find or what is not put in simple enough terms for me to under stand is how do I have a tier mod system what i mean is:

    Admin (can change permissions for everyone)

    Super Mod ( can change for everyone but super mod and admin [dont want super mods to grant other ppl admin or SM])

    Modarator (can make guests in to Members and not let them grant anyone else some perm or higher)

    From what i think I have set is that only admins can do things and i think i messed something else up along the lines

    all power is set to 70 (admin)

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    What groups can be given out by any particular client is determined by their own i_group_member_add_power, which must be equal to or greater than the i_group_needed_member_add_power of the group they're trying to give out. The same is true for removing groups, just that the add in before mentioned permissions is replaced with remove.
    Who can edit permissions of certain groups is controlled by the editing clients' i_group_modify_power and the groups' i_group_needed_modify_power. Again the former must be greater than or equal to the latter of the group said client is attempting to edit.
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