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    Set up a channel so a specific user can join it

    Hi everyone,

    To start this thread off, sorry if I posted it in the wrong section and sorry about my English, I'm Dutch.

    So since I've got my own TS, I've always had something bug me. Seeing as I'm the TS owner, I've got my own office. This office is there so I can just chill in it, without everyone joining. I do have some really good friends that I don't mind joining, and that's what I'm asking here. How do I make my office so I can put a specific user in a channel group so he can join it at any time, but other people (without the channel group) can't join it.

    I'm up in my office:
    My friend is down in the lobby and he has the channel group so he can join my office:
    My friend joins the channel without me having to move him (disregard him being admin):
    My other friends don't have the channel group and can't join my office:

    Thanks in advance,

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    The relevant permission is i_channel_join_power within the channel group you would like to assign. Your channel needs a i_channel_needed_join_power. All clients who have a higher i_channel_join_power than the channel's i_channel_needed_join_power are able to join.

    Therefore you might want to copy the Guest channel group, make it permanent by adding the permission b_group_is_permanent, add some join power and alter your channel's permissions as applicable.

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