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    User group manipulation power on himself

    I think after years of using TS, one thing that bugs me, is that even if the server groups in 99% of all cases is used as a simple "individualization" and "decoration" option on nearly every TS server I have been on, neither the group system itself, nor the permission system is adapted to this.

    A power which overrides a users power to modify his own groups (having different group_add_ or group_remove powers on himself, than any other user) would greatly help in easing up such systems. Not going so far to even add icon templates for server groups, for setting up icons fast, or displaying group logos in the group popup - or even adding icon support completely as an addon; all that might not be so important.

    At the same time, the TS3 telnet console could really need a "group" related event system, so at least, on a 3rd party level, manipulating users' server groups could be double checked by a demon (e.g. restricting the action of a clan officer to only be able to add clan groups to other people from a clan he is also part of - having the same group - which in implementation might vary from server to server)

    At the moment, either your user can manipulate a whole set of users, or none; neither can you check for events about users being added or removed from groups via event notification, without caching and polling; and you will not be informed who added a specific group to whom.

    One might argue, this is not what groups were designed for, but facing reality, most servers use only small parts of the group system for rights management, and add a large quantity of empty groups only for icons; so it should be about time to think about adapting to this, since it is even one of teamspeaks' decisive features.

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