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    Setting ServerQuery login credentials via ClientQuery

    Is there a way to set ServerQuery login credentials using only the ClientQuery interface?
    Running "help" didn't really show anything up.

    In the GUI this dialog can be found under "Tools > ServerQuery Login".

    If this isn't currently implemented, would it be possible to add it soon-ish? This would *really* help me out.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Does not exist. I tried if clientsetserverquerylogin (which is the corresponding server query command) might be undocumented, but it doesn't exist.

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    To the mods:

    Why is this flagged as "Not Possible"? It is very well possible to implement!

    Could I get at least an explanation, why TeamSpeak has decided against implementing this? If so, this should be flagged as "Rejected", although I don't understand, why anyone would not want this feature.

    To nummy_cway: Thank you verifying.

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    Imagine what in few years or maybe even today will be included feature in viruses spreading botnets.
    Let's have a little fun with someone's teamspeak3 server. There is a feature allowing to connect on your machine to localhost on clientquery port rewrite your serverquery if you had any and then send the data to C&C.

    What is your email and server address again? I will mail you nice deal for viagra and I love your idea!!

    Now on more serious note, for what purpose you could possibly want it?
    Perhaps if you describe your situation there could be different solution.

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