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    Forcing Push To Talk for everyone

    Hey! I want a channel to force Push To Talk and I found the way to do it, but the admin server group isn't affect by it. Is there a way to make a channel force Push To Talk for absolutely everyone?

    Edit: I think I was supposed to post my thread on the Permission System forum, sorry!

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    Yes, there is a way. But I wouldn't do that. The admin group is configured to ignore channel and channel group permissions. There is a right called "b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions" to controll that feature. This right (boolean) is set for the admins. To remove it will have many unwanted side effects.

    But let me ask a question. They are "admins" and not able to use ptt on their own?! Are you sure they are qualified to be admins!?!

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    OK, thanks

    To answer your question; we have casual channels where we all use voice detection and more serious-ish channels where we need to use PTT and we can't really be bothered to change the settings every time we switch channel.

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